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Astragalus is updated to our new Formula with astragalus, zinc and vitamin c.

Premium Astragalus
Astragalus for immune system stimulation

For more than 4000 years, the medicinal plant "Astragalus membrancaceus" has been highly revered in traditional Chinese medicine for its exceptional antioxidant and immune system stimulation effects. Known  in German as "Mongolian Astragalus" and"Huang Qi"  in Chinese, the plant is synonymous in both cultures with life force or in Greek "Astragalus", which is directly translated as ‘star milk’ (Astron = star and gala = milk) . The plant is believed to possess grandiose natural self-healing forces.

Astragalus revatilises your body's immune system, slows down the natural aging process, and has preventive health maintenance properties. Astragalus contains 8 mg of IV Astragalus Extract at the ratio of 50:1, and contains 392 mg of Astragalus Root Powder. This means that it is fundamentally different from the normal Astragalus medicinal root powder used for immune stimulation, since it is 50 times more concentrated, and thus more effective.

One capsule contains: 8 mg IV Astragalus Extract (50:1) 392 mg Astragalus Root Powder

Content: 60 vegetarian capsules
The capsules are designed to enable you your immune system to remain reenergized and revitalised for the long-term.


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