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NADH Advisor Prof. Bankhofer - The vital cell drug

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NADH - coenzyme 1 starts all metabolic reactions that are in demand in the fast-paced society . Especially when heart to brain metabolism NADH does a great effects. It is a substance that has been proven in numerous studies. Prof. Bankhofer reported entertaining and vividly in his book about the various possibilities of the substance NADH. He shows also , what to look for NADH , as it refers on numerous studies by Prof. Birkmayer and world-renowned research around this substance.

NADH counted in the 90 years of the most expensive food supplements at all, and was only used by the U.S. Airforce jet lag and deliberate focus on combat insertion. Today there is a wide group of users . Wherever , the fuel for the cells is about energy , because it sets the right starter reactions with NADH .

Prof. Bankhofer writes : As I was moderate in Jerusalem in cooperation with the prestigious Weizmann Institute , an international symposium on " immune power " with doctors and scientists around the world in 1996 , which had to be done in English.
If one is not used , then this can be a lot of stress. But I took the morning on an empty stomach 20 mg NADH and had no problems despite this exciting task .

In all the years I wrote more than 40 books. To write books , even if one still works for television and for radio , you need iron discipline , full concentration and must be fi t in your head. As has often been short nights and a short sleep. With NADH is that if you do not overdo it .

I can remember : On a cool day, I came by plane from Amsterdam to Vienna . I had no coat it, but I was not too cold. As one of the doctors who were traveling with me said, "You 've been through so many NADH energy that you actually do not need a coat! "

The Austrian scientist , author and pharmacist Norbert Fuchs said to me many years ago : " At the age NADH makes sense especially for a clear head, for good con -
concentration and memory transfer . Since the body and mind need support for the provision of energy " I'm not young anymore and can also confirm today .

NADH with my personal experience I can therefore fill a book . But I think you primarily want the coenzyme 1, get to know this fascinating drug in more detail .

Prof. Hademar Bankhofer