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5 € Frischecode "prdwdda" Matrix deTox

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A powerful start allows the following substances to unfold their beneficial effects. The purging of residues of synthetic irritants clearly increases the efficiency of subsequent food supplements. Similar to renovation the old colour goes off to give way for something new. Two capsules daily for three months will clean the receptors and open up the horizon for the full spectrum of the Nutrimental agents.

MatrixDeTox frees your system with a finely tuned combination of chlorella, artichoke and L- gluthatione and completes the cleansing effect with alpha-liponic acid, paradise nut and selenium. The DeTox capsules contain all important components from nature that we need for comprehensive, gentle cleansing – the basis for building up physical and mental well-being.

Contents: chlorella micro-algae, artichoke extract, alpha-liponic acid, L-gluthatione, paradise nut powder, asparagus extract, iodine, selenium.

Content per glass: 60 vegetarian capsules
The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.