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Coenzym 1 NADH - AX¦10

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The Coenzyme NADH 1 - AX | 10 Lozenge

The Coenzyme, a highly concentrated lozenge 1 NADH - AX | 10 can quite easily and advantageously be incorporated into your daily diet. Each lozenge contains high doses of NADH in an amount of 20 milligrams and spirulina in an amount of 30 mg.

Spirulina Luschpastille mit NADH

Integrate into your daily diet

The lozenge can be integrated in your daily diet, as needed. It is particularly beneficial when taken before or after a meal, but does not lessen its effect when taken between meals. In addition, NADH Coenzyme 1 - AX | 10 can be combined with other products from our quality range. You are thus, able to put together your individual nutritional supplement. Consult with us about it, we will be happy to answer questions with questions.

Simply take

The coenzyme NADH 1 - AX | 10 is very easy to take: let one or two lozenges dissolve slowly under the tongue. The lozenges dissolve rapidly, and the active ingredients are absorbed through the oral mucosa. The lozenges should not be chewed or swallowed, so as not to affect the absorption by the body. The handy package fits in your pocket.

Recommended use: Dissolve 1-2 lozenges under the tongue.

Ingredients: 20mg NADH, 30mg Spirulina Algae powder 

Content: 45 or 30 lozenges