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Coenzym 1 NADH - SX¦10

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In order for your body can produce good hormones like dopamine, a healthy and balanced diet is essential.

Coenzyme 1 NADH - SX | 10 contains important NADH

In addition to arginine in a highly concentrated form, coenzyme NADH 1 - SX | 10 also contains NADH or coenzyme 1. It is a further vital substance, which is required by the human body for the production of hormones. Only through a sufficient diet can metabolic processes in your body function properly, which is a prerequisite for physical health.Arginin Lutschpastille mit NADH

SX/10 comes in the form of lozenges, containing N.A.D.H. and 20 mg Coenzyme 1. N.A.D.H. initiates metabolic actions as well as erections by increasing the blood flow. Many users report that the elevating effects are fully  showing after merely 10 minutes. These effects are even sped up by resorption via the mucous membrane of the mouth. 

N.A.D.H. is very popular for the improvement of metabolic processes.

These high dosed SX/10-N.A.D.H. Lozenges support the production of adrenalin and dopamine – the happiness hormone. In combination with the highly effective essential amino acid L-arginine SX/10 stimulates and energizes the natural libido in men and women. Simply dissolve one or two lozenges under your tongue or chew them to quickly feel the effects.

Suggested Use: Chew 1-2 tablets thoroughly and allow it to dissolve on the tongue.

Ingredients: NADH 20mg, 121mg L-Arginine

Content: 30 or 40 lozenges