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NX¦10 pure Coenzym 1

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The body´s first choice would be Coenzyme 1 – N.A.D.H. Initially used by NASA and Air Force, developed and researched for many years by Prof.Dr.Dr. Birkmayer, this cellular agent comes into action wherever high performance is asked for. The dosage is 20 mg N.A.D.H. per lozenge as recommended by doctors and therapists since the 1990s. Acting as antioxidant and catcher of radicals N.A.D.H. has the capacity to restore other antioxidants thus strengthening the body´s protection against “free radicals”. This has been proven in a multitude of studies.  
Arginin Lutschpastille mit NADH
NX/10 is the new N.A.D.H. power lozenge. It is 100% pure and the high dosage of 20 mg has a good reason. This product is acting fast when you chew it or let it melt on your tongue, whenever quick empowerment is needed. The substance alone is unstable, but it is stabilized and won in a patented process.

Content: 20 mg pure N.A.D.H. (standard according to Prof. Birkmayer)
Gluten Free
45 Lozenges