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Bioglobin #3+1

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Mother´s milk offers the healthiest nutrients for happy babies. With this natural and  harmoniously tuned combination of precious colostrum (first milk) and 25 mg of the “happy hormone” 5-HTP mental and physical powers of resistance are enhanced in a homeopathic way. BioGlobin is a natural serotonin booster, that empowers bioglobulines at the same time. It is the choice for people who prefer small steps and long term effects in using 5-HTP.
 Colostrum Supplement
Precious colostrum in BioGlobin works protectively like a biological vaccination. Sallow thorn, the golden vitamin bomb, empowers the body´s resistance. Brown millet extract protects from infections, the purposefully low dosage of 25 mg 5-HTP trains the body´s own production of 5-HTP.. Biopherines are boosting the capacity for self-regulation.

Contents: Colostrum powder, sallow thorn extract, brown millet extract, 5-HTP, biopherines, talcum.

Content per glass: 60 vegetarian capsules


details (4 KB): BioGlobin makes your immune stronger

Are you suffering from a cold? Is the cold season approaching?
Your immune system needs to be strong; especially during the cold winter season. An unpleasant scratchy throat and severe tingling in the nose are some of the signs that indicate that the body's own defences need help. The weather outside may be cold and miserable, characterised by rain , sleet , fog, and humidity. While you’ve set your heater at full, making your house warm enough, this may cause extremely dry air. This condition makes it conducive for a virus to thrive and spread quickly, thus exposing your whole household to flu infection. An important and critical aspect to note about this situation is that without a strong immune system, seemingly harmless germs could wreck havoc to your body’s energy systems.
The winter season is not only characterised by cold temperatures, but also has shorter days, the nights are cooler, and the sunshine is at low intensity. The lack of daylight affects neurotransmitters in the brain via the retina of the eye, affecting the human physiological and mental well being. Lack of drive, a gloomy mood, headaches, food cravings, and sleep problems are some of the consequences of this. This highly potent formula increases homeopathy and boosts your physical and mental defences during these times.
Substances contained in BioGlobin

BioGlobin contains 5-HTP, a substance which simultaneously increases serotonin levels , balances mood swings, and helps in neuronal disorders .This helps to shine a light into the darkness of depression. The 5- HTP contained in the BioGlobin formula simultaneously increases serotonin levels, balances mood swings, and helps relieve symptoms of neuronal disorders.
BioGlobin is in its balanced composition, a natural mood enhancer, which also strengthens the immune system.
It is made from: high quality colostrum which serves as a natural biological vaccination element, the golden vitamin-bomb-buckthorn for a strong defence, brown millet extract for infection protection , 5 -HTP sufficient endorphins, and Biopherine that help boost your metabolism.
As you can see, the product is made up of a special formula.
Here is an outline of the unique ingredients:
Colostrum - for colossal resistance forces

Colostrum, the cow’s first milk, strengthens the immune system, gives strength, vitality, increases the general well-being, and generally celebrates the joy of life.
Colostrum also contains a variety of immune globulins which go a long way to support the immune system. Moreover, Colostrum promotes cell growth and the self-healing process in the body. The globulins repair and protect the intestinal mucosa immediately before the penetration of dangerous bacteria and germs.
Colostrum acts against deficiencies and strengthens resistance forces, prompted by its growth-promoting factors, and cell metabolism.
Sea-Buckthorn - the vitamin syringe

Sea-buckthorn is an important vitamin supplier and incredibly rich in vitamin C ( 2-3 grams per 100 grams of fruit). In addition to vitamins it contains valuable minerals, enzymes, and bioflavonoids. Sea-buckthorn revitalizes the immune system through its antioxidant property. In addition, it supports the bioavailability of all immune-stimulating ingredients.
Brown millet - for infection protection
Brown millet supports probiotic micro-organisms for a healthy intestinal flora. It fights harmful viruses that cause the immune system to go out of balance and protects against susceptibility to infection.
5 - HTP for a good mood
5 -hydroxytryptophan is extracted from the precious seeds of the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia . It increases the production of the happiness hormone-serotonin, and balances mood swings. 5 -HTP gives the feeling of serenity, balance, inner peace and contentment.
Biopherine - for a revamped metabolism
For the effectiveness of the homeopathic carrier, starter substances are necessary.
For this purpose BioGlobine draws on known natural pure substances to help give the metabolism that extra umph. The substances include Biopherine which allows for the combined absorption of all substances.
Talc - the mineral for extra immune strength
To strengthen the immunity, BioGlobine is completed by the addition of talc. The powdered mineral is used to medically treat lung cancer. It’s been demonstrated to stop the blood supply to tumours, and thus inhibiting their growth.
BioGlobin antioxidant properties

BioGlobin supports the body in the daily immune defence. It strengthens the immune cell function and due to its antioxidant properties, it’s an excellent free radical scavenger.
What are the side effects of taking BioGlobin?
•    The intake of BioGlobin is straightforward and free of side effects.
•    The capsules can be taken on a regular long-term basis.
•    The treatment period can be set individually.

Please take note of the following:
It is recommended that one discontinues the intake of this product if one is hypersensitive to any component or ingredient used in its production.
Apply only after consultation with your doctor, during pregnancy and lactation.
People with chronic diseases and those who are taking regular medication should generally consult with their therapist in regards to possible side effects and interactions between natural supplements, and chemicals in the medicine.
Keep away from the reach of children.

The Composition

 Colostrum  250 mg
 Sea buckthorn extract  50 mg
 Brown millet extract  50 mg
 5-HTP                 25 mg
 Biopherine   1 mg
 Talc  5 mg

Contents: 60 capsules - 381 mg.


Dosage according to indication
Directions for use
One capsule 2 times daily with meals.
During the cold and dark season, the dosage may be doubled.
In case of any ongoing administration of 5 - HTP preparations, the dosage may be halved accordingly.