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Serosynin® 5-HTP

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SEROSYNIN® 5-HTP is a dietary supplement for special medical purposes (complementary balanced diet) and particularly dietary management for people with depressive disorders. SEROSYNIN® 5-HTP contains a high-quality extract from the African Black Bean (Griffonia simplicifolia), and a very high proportion of 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). From this, our bodies can create serotonin, the "happiness hormone", which is instrumental in stabilising the mood and making us feel better.

Hochdosiertes Aufstockungs-5-HTP bei erhöhtem Bedarf

Scientific studies

It has been found that the amino acid 5-HTP helps to combat depression. This has been confirmed by numerous studies. In 2013 a study carried out by scientists to find out the effects of 5-HTP found it to have similar effects to the common antidepressant. Over a period of 8 weeks at a time, half of the subjects were given the drug fluoxetine and the other half 5-HTP. All time points showed that both drugs produced similar  positive results. As such, the scientists came to the conclusion that 5-HTP is suitable for the dose of depression and that the naturally occurring substance worked against depression and was just as good as the antidepressant - fluoxetine. 

Ingridients: Griffonia simplicifolia Extract, Maltodextrin, Capsule shell Hydroxyprophylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and separation agent - magnesium salts from fatty acids. 

Overview of nutrients


Package: One Dosage with 60 Capsules

Recommended intake 

Take one SEROSYNIN® 5-HTP capsule every day after breakfast and after dinner with a sufficient quantity of liquid. It is recommended  that you take after meals, and not on an empty stomach. The specified daily intake dosage must not be exceeded. 


SEROSYNIN® 5-HTP is manufactured in Germany by certified companies under stringent quality controls to guarantee the highest purity and quality.