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DentoRepair not only takes care of healthy shining teeth and a fresh breath, it also makes your soul smile. This lozenge helps to protect your teeth from caries and periodontosis while at the same time organizing your whole immune system. DentoRepair has detoxifying, cleaning and anti-inflammatory effects, so that you can feel really pure. Composed for allover cleaning of mouth and teeth DentroRepair forms a peak within the  Nutrimental line of products. It will definitely give your kisses a better taste!
This toothcare formula detoxifies and at the same time gently removes even persistent, ugly plaque. Among the active agents are : calcium lactate giving stability, strengthening sodium fluoride, gentle whey to build immune globulin, potassium to calm down and IP6 for whitening the teeth. Together they guarantee a healthy mouth and healthy teeth and help to get rid of caries and periodontosis. The components of this formula are finely tuned to the sensitive flora of the mouth.

Contents: calcium citrate 75 mg, dicalciumphosphate 23 mg, dry whey (casein glycomacropeptides) 15 mg, green tea extract (45%) 13 mg, dipotassium glycerolphosphate 10 mg, calcium lactate 5 mg, citric acid 4,5 mg, IP6 3 mg, pyridoxine hydrochlorid (vit.B6), zinc sulphate

Gluten Free
60 Lozenges

Details (4 KB):  Complex of structural components with sodium fluoride for active remineralisation of strongly damaged dental enamel.
  • activates reparating enzymes in the oral cavity
  • helps to rebuild destroyed dental surface in case dental caries, abrasions or decalcifications appear
  • decreases tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet and sour stimuli
Principles of the product effects based on current scientific knowledge:
Fluorides together with other structural substances activate tooth remineralisation during night. A special ingredient in this nutrition supplement induces continuous secretion of enzymes necessary for enamel reconstruction. Enamel fills empty spaces in the teeth tubuls through which food acidic material gets to the tooth cavity and therefore cause creation of caries. The creation of these tubuls can be observed mainly on damaged teeth. These dental defects are repaired at night and the necessary substances stay on the teeth when chewing the tablet.
Administration: Take 1 tablet once or twice a day right after washing your teeth. Chew it up and leave it in your mouth together with saliva. Don´t swallow it, spit it out and don´t flush your mouth after administration. Leave it in your mouth during the night.
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