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FiguControl #3+1

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Tired of eating without control - try Figucontrol

Figucontrol controls excess appetite, and insatiable hunger-attacks that should not arise in the first place. Figu controls excess appetite by sending automatic signals to the hunger centres. It replaces the feelings of hunger with those of well-being. FiguControl with prickly pear and rosemary as the main ingredients is made with a unique appetite suppressing formula that helps one to attain the perfect figure, maintain normal insulin, cholesterol and sugar levels.

As a natural appetite suppressant, FiguControl controls excess appetite  by ensuring that the hunger centres of the brain which are probably saturated with hunger signals are automatically regulated. The formula controls and manages eating disorders by inhibiting the emergence of food cravings. Figucontrol controls excess appetite by accelerating the natural saturation effect, levelling unstructured dining arrangements, regulating digestion, and providing a lean impetus for controlled weight management.

Ingredients per capsule: 300 mg of prickly pear, rosemary 50 mg, 40 mg Turmeric, 40 mg of vitamin B complex, 25 mg of ginger, white pepper 25 mg, 20 mg ASA Pat mixture.

Content per glass: 90 vegetarian capsules

The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.


Details: (4 KB): 
·       Controls the hunger centres of the brain
·       Curbs excess appetite
·       Has accelerated saturation effects
·       Inhibits cravings
·       Regulates digestion momentum
·       Levels eating disorders
·       Normalises insulin and cholesterol levels
·       A natural appetite suppressant formula for figure control