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Violet is the color of  transformation and mobility, and this is the color of GlucoMobil. This orthomolecular formula takes care of a smooth and uninhibited mobility. It regenerates damaged cartilage tissue in the joints, the tendons and the vertebra. The cartilage is provided with all vital substances that aid in mobility. Thus it increases the joy of life by advancing joyful movement free of pain.

This mixture containing the rare rutin, PABA, boron and vitamin D3 helps the agents glucosamine and chondroitin to be better integrated into the metabolism. Anti-inflammatory trace elements like molybdenum and MSM are bringing the glucosamine metabolism into the right proportion with the B-Vitamins, calcium citrate strengthens the binding to the bones. GlucoMobil also empowers the antioxidant systems and the metabolic functions of the bone system with protective substances like vitamin D3 – for improved protection of cells and tissues.

Contents: glucosamine 260 mg, chondroitine 190 mg, MSM 100 mg, vitamin C 40 mg, calcium citrate 20 mg, rutin 6 mg, PABA 4 mg, silicium 3 mg, vitamin B5 2 mg, boron 0,1 mg, vitamin B9 30 mcg, molybdenium 20 mcg, vitamin D3 1 mcg

Gluten Free
90 tablets

Details (4 KB):  Chondroitine, glucosamine, MSM and a complex of other substances induce effective innovation of joint cartilage and regenerate mobility. During the therapy, surface of joint cartilages becomes smooth and slippery and chronic pain is eliminated (the pain is usually caused by drying of joint capsules, thinning and damaging of contact surfaces of articulations). The product is beneficial for middle-aged and elderly people suffering from chronic joint pain, for active sportmen and people who often affect their musculosceletal apparatus with hard work.
  • complete regeneration of cartilages, joints, bones and muscles
  • innovation of joint and spinal mobility, elimination of pain and oedema
  • has antiinflammatory effects

Principles of the product effects based on current scientific knowledge:
Glucosamine is a substance, which body can use to form structural units of joint cartilages. The amount of glucosamine created in the organism decreases with aging. This is why articulations become used-up and damaged. Glucosamine protects and regenerates the joint cartilage and has antiinflammatory effects.
Chondroitine helps to protect joints against damage as it stimulates production of the main joint components, it attracts and bounds water and nutritious substances in the articulations and inhibits enzymes harmful for joints. All these activities influence elimination of pain and have effects on functioning of the articulations. The product is suitable especially for middle-aged and elderly people and for sportsmen. 
Dosage: 2 tablets 3 times a day