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Matrix Repair Bad #3+1

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The connective tissue of the skin is as delicate as a coral reef. Silicon crystals of a special shape emit, while your bathing, bio photons just like in bio-resonance therapy. Similar to an electronic chip it optimizes the  oxygen intake and other functions of the cells and makes the skin smooth. The capacity of the body to purify is activated by a patented photon technology. Therefore it represents an inexpensive alternative to the well known body wrapping offered by wellness studios.
Tiefenreinigungs- und Entschlackungsbad mit reinem Perlenpulver
This relaxing beauty bath with valuable minerals and photon activated silicon crystals from the deepest volcano wells pulls harmful toxins and toxic waste out of the body via the skin. Blood circulation, lymphatic liquid circulation and cell metabolism are improved and the deep connective tissue becomes visibly tauter. The multitude of energizing minerals are taken up by the cells of the skin and the fat metabolism is sped up. A nice side effect is a soft reduction of the weight just as in professional body wrapping in the wellness studio. Also one bath a week eases the pain of people suffering from neuro-dermitis.

Contents :volcanic dolomite, zeolite, sodium bicarbonate

The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.

Contains: 300 g

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