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This brilliant working day formula helps you, when you´re burned out,  to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.  With the super-antioxidant OPC, 5-HTP to soothe depressions and raise your mood and saponines and zeolites as cleaning substances it peps you up to meet the most demanding tasks. Further synergistic additives are paradise nut, Vitamin B and zinc.

Manager Caps
For holistic defenses and overall protection from health problems caused by stress you need an intelligent mixture of vital plant agents as contained in the (aphrodisiac!) “wedding plant” Rhodiola Rosea, neuro-nutrients such as phosphatidylserine and 5-HTP, the collagen protecting OPC as well as a multitude of synergists. This anti-stress formula is photon-activated, highly bio-absorbable contains just 60 mg to replenish the body´s energy resources and to fight chronic fatigue in your everyday working process. This brilliant complex not only raises your stress resistance but also cleans your metabolism from all sorts of waste, provides the brain with enough oxygen and neutralizes free radicals.

Contents: Extract from Rhodiola Rosea, phosphatidylserine, 5-HTP, OPC- grape seed flavonoid extract, 4-Hydroxy-isoleucin, trigonelline, Vitamin B1, B6, paradise nut powder, zinc-D-gluconate-hydrate, biopherine, folic acid, iodine, selenium.

Gluten Free
42 Capsules

Details: (4 KB): 
  Manager Plus helps fight stress

The Manager Plus helps:

• In the preparedness and prevention of stress-related health problems.
• To provide vigour to curb the burn- out syndrome.
• To increase stress resistance.
• To improve memory performance.
• To increase the ability to concentrate.
• To boost metabolism and oxygen.
• To protect and defend against free radicals
• To balance mood swings
• By acting as an anti-stress formula to help replenish burnt energy resources.
Why you need Manager Plus
The feelings of emptiness, loss of joy, mental exhaustion, and physical unwellness symptoms are felt by many working-class people today. This includes those in managerial positions who have to work at high intensity so as to ensure goals are met. The result of all this is that sometimes, one may need to rest several times a day.
As with all conditions causing the burn- out syndrome, the lost balance must be restored for one to function normally. This is mainly achieved by having breaks to maintain both mental and physical balance,   and providing the body with sufficient nutrients.
In regards to this, a healthy and balanced diet must be valuable, and energising.  This sometimes calls for the use of necessary nutritional supplements
Manager Plus consists of an anti-stress formula that helps you face your daily challenges with energy and confidence.
How Manager Plus works
The Manager Caps help you start every new day full of vigour and vitality through a unique patented formula with synergistic-acting nutrients, to reduce the effects of the " burned out " phenomenon which cause both physical and mental exhaustion. This anti -stress formula contains only 60 mg of 5 -HTP in each capsule to combat everyday work-related chronic exhaustion and actively helps the body to generate new physical and mental energy.
The gloriously effective composition of natural ingredients provides not only the mental balance, but also initiates the power generation and distribution in the cells, rids the metabolism of spent-up energy, feeds the brain with more oxygen, and helps to regulate free radicals. Wholistic defence and all-round protection against stress-related health problems requires an intelligent blend of powerful substances such as Rhodiola Rosea , phosphatidylserine, 5 -HTP and OPC to manifest the synergistic effects. These substances are used int he making of the Manager Caps.
Rhodiola Rosea - for mental agility
The brain must be continuously fed with nutrients so that it can perform at its optimum. However, since it cannot store energy, it must be proficiently nourished with energetic nutrients. These have to be nutrient- rich so as to evenly release their energy units. The "Golden root " Rhodiola rosea ( Golden Root ) by its adaptogenic ingredients, strengthens the inner resilience, mental agility, performance, the adaptability of the body to stress, and endurance during overloads . The natural ingredients accelerate the exchange of information between nerve cells, thus allowing rapid adaptation to mental and physical challenges. The natural stress - killer has been proven medically to increase the concentration of assets and positive mental alertness.
Phosphatidylserine - the efficient neurotransmitter regulator
Phosphatidylserine (PS) manages brain functions. HP ensures the smooth functioning of neurotransmitters and coordinates the exchange of information between the brain cells. PS increases the production of dopamine and acetylcholine , as well as helping to restore synaptic plasticity.
HP is quickly absorbed by the body and overcomes even the brain - blood barrier for efficient energisation of the brain.
5 - HTP the radiant messenger of happiness
5 -hydroxytryptophan (5- HTP) is extracted from the precious seeds of the African Griffonia simplicifolia plant.  5 -HTP is the precursor to the ultimate happiness hormone serotonin, which occurs through tryptophan metabolism.
 Serotonin affects mood by enabling one to attain a happy balanced mood, while melatonin promotes sleep.
•    5-HTP will help you wake up feeling happy and energetic in the morning due to serotonin , and will help you to get a good restful night’s sleep in the evening, due to the recovery hormone -melatonin, which will help your body and mind to relax.
•    5 -HTP gives the feeling of balance, serenity, inner peace, contentment, and inner peace.
•    5 -HTP not only ensures a rapid improvement at the emotional level, but also strengthens the memory, learning ability, as well as the imagination.
•    5 -HTP curbs the appetite and positively influences countless vital bodily functions such as sexuality, sleep patterns, body temperature, muscle movement , pain , migraine susceptibility , blood pressure , and cardiovascular events .

OPC - for blinding protection

OPC ( oligomeric proanthocyanidins ) can be deep red in colour and helps protect plants from withering or " rusting " . OPC offers comprehensive defence against stress-related factors. It helps against oxidative stress, strengthens the immune system , revitalizes veins , tendons, and skin, and has a boosting effect on the ingredients in this anti-stress formula.
4-hydroxy- isoleucine - the  insulin modulator
The essential amino acid isoleucine plays a leading role in building muscles.
4-hydroxy- isoleucine is a healthy modulator of insulin balance.
An efficiently good insulin levels stimulate the hormonal levels, causing substances to be better transported into muscle cells. Insulin is the most anabolic of all hormones on patents and offers all-round protection against stress-related health problems.
Trigonelline - for a great metabolism and strength
Trigonelline is a valuable alkaloid that occurs primarily in fenugreek.
Alkaloids contain nitrogen, basically acting as natural products that already have a positive effect on the organism in low doses.
Due to this property, the alkaloids act as agents for many valuable medicinal substances. Trigonelline is deemed to be a medically fortifying tonic, with recorded blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering effects. It also stimulates the metabolism, liver function and prevents arteriosclerosis.
Vitamins B1 , B9 and B6 - The vitamin triangle of life

The B vitamins are brilliant managers of metabolism and are essential for strong nerves.
They renew and repair body cells and provide enough energy to the brain for higher creativity. Folic acid is the "boss nutrient ", as it enables you to have a good mood the natural way. Vitamin B1 is responsible for sugar, fat metabolism, and energy production.
The body also needs a lot of vitamin B6 for the production of endorphins and stress-reduction. Vitamin B6 also relieves irritability and nervousness.
Polyphenols and saponins - for cleansing

•    Polyphenols ( phytochemicals ) are highly active antioxidants and support OPC.
•    They aggressively fight free radicals that attack the cells and cause lasting damage.
•    Polyphenols are anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, immunomodulatory , anti-inflammatory, blood-pressure regulating, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and digestion, all at the same time.
•    Saponins are phytochemicals that have a similar function as that of soap. They " clean " the body from the inside.
Fucus vesiculosus - for enhanced detoxification
The brown alga; Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack ) supports the saponins by detoxifying the body of accumulated toxins.
Fucus vesiculosus has a high iodine content and has thus been proven to treat goitre. It also accelerates the production of energy in cells and is now a key part of many slimming supplements.
It helps in the success of the formula by clearing the relevant sites for better supplement-effect.
Black Pepper for metabolic stimulation

The brilliant Pepperdine in the formula provides the Biopherine of black pepper. It helps to stimulate the metabolism and ensure the effectiveness all ingredients of the Manager Cap anti-stress formula.
The minerals and trace elements: zinc , selenium, and chromium complete the glamorous recipe of the Manager Caps and ensure perfect focus and great energy distribution.

Manager Plus is a brilliant supplement that has been specially developed for the prevention and defence against the increasingly frequent stress-related health problems. The composition of the ingredients is based exclusively on natural ingredients and is currently unique in its combination and so patented. The anti - burn-out - photon preparation is activated and is based on the latest findings of Biophoton technology.
The manager Caps can be successfully used in the treatment of temporary and chronic mental and physical exertion.
The vigour formula- with only 60 mg of 5 -HTP in a capsule to combat everyday work-related exhaustion, 5 -HTP also provides new physical and mental energy .
Why you need Manager Caps
Helps curb burnout effects
Shortly before the burnout , one simply becomes overwhelmed, goes under pressure , suffers extreme physical and mental exhaustion , encounters episodes of restless sleep , and thoughts constantly revolve around work and career.
Particularly vulnerable are men and women for whom their work is the most important thing. To avoid being professional failures, these individuals work more and more intensely, until complete exhaustion occurs.  

This is mainly because the individual refuses to accept the physical and mental limitations and plunges even deeper into the work. Frustration and discontent may also add to the exhaustion as not everything usually works according to plan. Such episodes are usually followed by a phase of deep depression which is characterised by the victim falling into persistent frustration, is quick to anger, always feels overwhelmed and is eventually no longer able to cope with the normal stresses of daily life.
On the physical level, the following usually occurs: sleep disorders, headaches, dizziness, muscle tension, digestive disorders, infections, and circulatory disorders.
Manager Caps will help with your concentration problems
A significant improvement in memory and mental condition, an increase in concentration and the attention span can be achieved through the regular intake of Managers Caps.
Wholistic defense and all-round protection against stress-related health problems
•    - Improved oxygen supply to the brain.
•    - Optimal energy production and distribution in the cells.
•    - Actively combats chronic fatigue.
•    - Protection and defence against free radicals.
•    - Stimulates metabolic functions.
Helps fight depression
Manager Caps, help alleviate mood swings and reduce the negative aggression aspects.
In addition, panic and anxiety attacks are effectively reduced .
Taking the manager Caps is straightforward and free of side effects
The capsules can be taken on a long term basis as there have been no habituation effects. The treatment period can be set individually.
Please take note of the following
If one is hypersensitive to any component of the drug, it is recommended that one discontinues the use of the product immediately. 
People with chronic diseases and those who are taking regular medications should generally consult with their treating therapist because of possible side effects and interactions between natural supplements and chemical medicines.
Keep away from the reach of children.


A daily dose (2 capsules) contains :
 Rhodiola Rosea Extract  200 mg
 Phosphatidylserine  170 mg
 5-HTP   120 mg
 OPC grape seed extract  100 mg
4-hydroxy- isoleucine  80 mg
 trigonelline  30 mg
 Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 4 mg / 200 %
 Thiamin (Vitamin B1)  2,8 mg / 200 %
 Zinc D- gluconate hydrate 2,25 mg / 15 %
 Biopherine 1,9 mg
Folic Acid  400 μg/200 %
 micrograms of iodine 34 μg
 Selenium   20 μg

Contents: 42 capsules at 495 mg

Dosage according to indication
Directions for use
It is recommended for weekday’s intake.
Take 2 capsules every working day at least 20 minutes before meals with plenty of fluid.
The dosage can be doubled according to biological age and degree of exhaustion condition.