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Evergreens – green plant proteins – are the perfect tool to fulfill your longing for eternal youth. Proteins – from Greek “protos”, the first – are literally protagonists of first-rate processing of nutrients. Evergreens phyto-proteins offer a sun-ripened wide-range supply for tuning the metabolism with amino acids such as 5-HTP and arginin. At the same time Evergreens are of great help in the process of fasting.
Gerstengrastabletten aus Bioanbau
Evergreens is greenfood that furthers health containing all essential proteins, vitamins and minerals – plus chlorophyl. The barley grass used comes from controlled biological cultivation. It is basic and keeps the amino metabolism in shape from head to toes.

Contents: 100% pure biological barley grass, silicic acid, palm fat.

Content per glass: 90 vegetarian tablets
The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.