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Diosenin #3+1

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DIOSENIN® pro DHEA contains a high-grade extract of yam (Dioscorea opposita), and a balanced combination of important vitamins and minerals that support our health in many ways. 


DIOSENIN® pro DHEA contains an extensive complex of numerous vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the preparation promotes health in many ways. Optimized DIOSENIN® pro DHEA enhances metabolism of steroid hormones (Vitamin B), regulates general hormonal activity (Vitamin B) and promotes fatty acid metabolism (zinc).

DIOSENIN® pro DHEA is also known to be an anti-aging supplement because it contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin (Vitamin A and niacin) and strengthens the immune system (vitamin D and selenium). For more vitality and stamina, DIOSENIN® pro DHEA preparation also speeds up the energy metabolism in the body (vitamin C and iron). Moreover, DIOSENIN® pro DHEA makes an important contribution to a healthy, balanced psyche (vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and magnesium) and promotes the optimal functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and magnesium).

Overview of nutrients


Contents: 1 dosage with 60 capsules

Suggested intake 

Take two DIOSENIN® pro DHEA capsules daily at night before going to bed with sufficient fluid. The specified daily dose should not be exceeded. 


DIOSENIN® pro DHEA DIOSENIN® pro DHEA is produced in Germany by certified companies. 

Due to stringent controls, the highest levels of quality and purity can be guaranteed by us at any time.