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For optimal fat burning and strong muscles

Power Protein is a certified organic vegetable protein powder with versatility . It is suitable for dieters who want to continue to be flexible in their diet or food for fitness enthusiasts who value a healthy diet . Power protein not only promotes the development of fat body mass, and fat burning is accelerated by a multiple . Thanks to the additional use of Chia seeds you strengthen your stamina , concentration and positive mood during your diet.

Due to the special composition of the formulation and the addition of chia seeds, spices or fruit powders, fat burning is optimally stimulated . The estrogen- free , vegetable protein of lupine also promotes muscle growth with its high protein content. Our vegetable protein is rich in amino acids ( 18) and also contains the very important for vegans / vegetarians vitamin B12 and B1, B2 and B6. Other components are Omega3 and 6 fatty acids , vitamins A , C, D , E, betaine , biotin, inulin , saponins , choline, magnesium , zinc, copper , potassium, iron and carotenoids favor.

Ingredients: Lupinus angustifolius protein powder , flax seeds , cinnamon , spices, without any sweeteners , salt-free . At 100 grams : 48 grams protein , 5 grams carbohydrates , 4 grams fat All ingredients are certified organic quality.

All fruit varieties are of the highest organic quality and are also directly produced fresh. It will not use any sweetener. The taste is the pure fruit . Each glass contains more than one kilogram of fruit.

Contents: 1 glass of 300 g for about 21 servings
The special glass is based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalized .... more information

Note : Deliveries to Switzerland are currently only available in combination package or appointment of a three month's supply .
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