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The slim filling foods

A super strong helper against hunger lies dormant in our healthy filling foods GoodLush .This makes perfect sense for overweight . For now you can control without dieting or fasting sorrowful even your weight . Regular consumption of all experience leads to the conversion of dietary habits and serves as a natural slimming .

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , which are in GoodLush , provide a natural weight reduction while increasing endurance, concentration and mental mood.
The natural fibers used by us can work out the feeling of hunger , because in connection with these sources of water in the stomach and suppress the hunger feeling . The fact enhaltene long-chain sugar inulin is not digested and acts as roughage in the intestines.Inulin is regularly included in the diet , lowers the blood lipid levels and promotes the presence of bifidus . The valuable minerals and spices help to stabilize muscles and ligaments. This means: If you want to lose weight and stay slim , every day should make a good portion of Lush become an integral part of its diet.

The waiver of any salt and sweetener has the advantage to not promote water retention nor an increase in insulin levels .

Ingredients: artichoke , chia seeds, tomato powder , spices, without any sweeteners , salt-free . At 100 grams : calories 30 grams , 2.5 grams protein , 3.9 grams carbohydrates , fat 0.38 grams All ingredients are certified organic quality.

All fruit varieties are of the highest organic quality and are also directly produced fresh. It will not use any sweetener. The taste is the pure fruit . Each glass contains more than one kilogram of fruit.

Contents: 1 glass of 300 g for about 21 servings
The special glass is based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalized .... more information

Note : Deliveries to Switzerland are currently only available in combination package or appointment of a three month's supply .
passion fruit
black currant
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