Performance & Memory

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Performance & Memory

DIOSENIN® pro DHEA contains a high-grade extract of yam (Dioscorea opposita), and a balanced combination of important vitamins and minerals that support our health in many ways.

34,90 €
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NADH40plus  22mg NADH+Q10+lecithin(60 capsules)
NADH 40 plus® provides an effective and natural support for those who want to be physically and mentally fit and active in midage.
92,00 €
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BENADH NADH 20mg (90 micro tablets)
BENADH® promotes mental maneuverability over the entire day. If you have a busy day ahead of yourself and have to stay mentally receptive for many hours, BENADH® is just right for you.
98,00 €
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The dietary supplement - CARDIOmed® contains a high lipid extract from Antarctic Krill with the omega-3 fatty acids - EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) for the heart and brain.

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This brilliant working day formula helps you, when you´re burned out,  to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.  With the super-antioxidant OPC, 5-HTP to soothe depressions and raise your mood and saponines and zeolites as cleaning substances it peps you up to meet the most demanding tasks. Further synergistic additives are paradise nut, Vitamin B and zinc.
82,00 €
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CoenzymQ10 LiquidCaps

Lipid based Coenzyme Q10 in Liquidcaps is an essential fuel for the heart. Especially in the second half of life it acts as a special source of energy for cell metabolism, nerves, muscles and organs. Being a bio-catalyst Coenzyme Q10 invigorates the immune system, supports the heart´s functions and regulates the blood sugar.

29,90 €
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To sustain this complexity this combination of neuro-nutrients with functionally specified amino acids enhances the potential for growth, performance and concentration as well as mental well being. Similar to building up muscles these vitalizing neuro-nutrients nourish the connections of nerves at the synapses and thereby stimulate the capacity to think and to react. 
43,00 €
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